Donald May

I am a photographer living in New Jersey just returned from living on the southern coast of Maine for 22 years. Those years in Maine gave me the opportunity to photograph Maine from the beautiful mountains and forests to my favorite area of Maine the rugged coast and islands. Maine people I found to be extraordinary,hardworking,and friendly that seldom mark their property "No Trespassing".In almost all instances I have been welcomed to photograph on their property and they usually volunteer info on the subject that I am photographing.

I began photography about 35 years ago shooting with a Canon A1 film camera where I often photographed in Black and White doing the developing and printing myself in a darkroom.About 10 years ago I made my first venture into digital photography with a Nikon D1 camera and haver looked back. I currently shoot with Nikon D 850, D810, and D 700 camera bodies with an assortment of pro lenses from 14MM to 680MM.

I am fortunate to have visited many beautiful and interesting places around the world,Ireland,Ecuador,Galapagos Islands,Alaska as well as many National Parks in the United States and Canada. I have made it a quest to visit and photograph each of the Lighthouses in Maine and reached that goal in 2011. As a member of the Coast Guard Auxiliary for many years I was able to complete that goal patrolling with both the Auxiliary and Coast Guard. Sailing ship photos were mostly taken while sailing many times on the Maine Windjammer "American Eagle". Over the many years that I have taken photos the greatest thrill was spending a few hours within 100 feet of a wild mother Alaskan Brown Bear with her two cubs fishing for salmon on Admiralty Island off the coast of Alaska.

Photography has allowed me to meet and talk with many people around the world many of them I am now privileged to call friends and that has been the best part of my photographic life over these many years.